Too Much Time Ft. Emerson Brooks x Luu Breeze by S.L.M.N.

“Too Much Time” is the smooth and silky sounding introduction for S.L.M.N.’s upcoming EP. The Canadian producer bands together with Emerson Brooks and Luu Breeze that borrow the vocals in the track. Starting with a nice oscillation of guitars, and opening with the soulful voice of Luu Breeze, the production of “Too Much Time” takes it to the strong and confident beats and RnB vibe. Through a catchy and chilled out jam, the lyrics speak about one’s individuality and lifestyle, and the way it’s perceived and accepted by those around us. A little mystical and dark-wavy is thrown combining the dribble and mellow electric guitars, making it a perfect match for your late-night playlist, especially if you need a few moments of self-reflecting.

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