Kids by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

“Kids” comes as a cut from the soundtrack of “Stranger Things”, TV series that Netflix launched this summer. Now, if you have already seen it, you are familiar with its mysterious and haunting, science-fiction elements, as well as the time in which the story occurs. If not, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s music for the show will tell you a lot about it. The aesthetic of “Kids” is one of a kind. Simple in its ingredients, it involves synths that make a contemporary yet a retro hook. It has an analogue vibe to it, something like the music from Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Works” collections, and with it it somehow sticks to the very roots of electronic music. This very effortless and elementary piece rays some innocence and outer-space ambience flavor, and it infects you with its energy. If you enjoy simple and powerful electronic music, this belongs on your playlist.

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