I Don’t Stress by Nipsey Hussle

At the end of April this year, Nipsey Hussle started his series under the name of Marathon Mondays , in which he shares with his audience a new track every Monday. “I don’t stress” is the 14th tune that he dropped under these series, and this lyrical and instrumental showpiece has already gotten a positive response from the listeners. The production belongs to Mike & Keys, Mars and Tariq Beats, and it compliments the lyrics, making a combo that sounds strong, raw and expressive. The West Coast rapper delivers a retrospective of his own journey towards success, and all the ups and downs that he experienced while he was trying to make something out of himself. Hussle is bringing out very honest and unembellished emotions, reflecting to situations from his past and how they shaped him into who he is today. All in all the song gives out a very inspirational and motivating vibe, and puts you in a mood of maybe slight questioning over the way we deal with challenges and failures in life. The series of Marathon Mondays brought many other tracks so far, but “I don’t stress” is probably the material that goes to as real as it gets in expression. Some of the tracks will be cuts for his upcoming album, which is eagerly expected by his followers.

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