How To Stay Motivated On Your Music Career When You Want To Give Up

How to keep motivated?

Having a career in music can be tough at times, especially if you’re managing your career all by yourself. You have so many responsibilities and tasks to work on, along with the weight of feeling like you have no time to complete each task. For some artists, the pressure and frustration to become successful might be more than what they could handle. Resulting in them quitting on their music career to pursue something easier.


So what do you do when you’re losing hope in your music career? How do you stay motivated? This article will help you stay motivated during the times you want to throw in the towel and give up your music career entirely.


Remember Why You Got Into Music In The First Place

Sometimes, remembering why you got involved with your passion might fuel you to keep going. Maybe it’s because you love making music, or maybe music changed your life in a huge way or maybe you wanted to get into music because you had a unique sound you wanted to share. Whatever the reason is, think back to that and remember the feeling it gave you.


Take A Break For A Few Days

If you feel overworked and overwhelmed with your career, you may be experiencing burnout. If you start to feel unhappy with work and where you’re at with your music career. The best way to get back on track is to step back and take a break. Sometimes a break is needed to feel fully replenish. Taking a few days to yourself without doing any work related activities can help you feel more motivated to work on your music career once your break ends.


Work On Something New Without Any Expectation

Regardless of how you’re feeling, just work. But not just any work, create new music or work on a new album that excites you. However, you should strictly just work on it and hold no expectation to the project. You shouldn’t expect anything of it, expect that you’re just working on it for enjoyment and leisure.


This method works extremely well if you feel like you’re losing the love for your music because it’s now a job and not something you pursued for fun. It’s best to work on projects that are just for yourself to help ease any work-related tension.


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

Comparing yourself to other artists can ultimately ruin your mindset. When they compare themselves to others, they may start to feel inferior and not successful enough like other artists are. When in fact, they are comparing themselves to people who don’t go through the same situation as they are.


Say you have a full-time job and work on your music on the side. Your results will differ greatly from an artist who works on their music career 100% of the time as their means of making money. So why bother comparing? Maybe they saved up a lucrative amount of money before they pursue a career in music, or maybe they have financial support from a friend or family that is helping them until their music career takes off. Whatever the reason is, you’re not that person. They might have more chances to achieve more with their music career then you, but it doesn’t mean they are better than you. It just means that they are playing with the hand life dealt them, and you should do the same.


Your situations and what you go through are always different, because of that reason, you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone.


Talk To Someone About Your Worries And Concerns

When it comes to having a career in music, seeming like you have everything under control and diminish the chances of you seeking out help from friends or family. Admitting that there is something wrong with your career, might make you believe that your friends or family will look at you as a failure. You dread the idea of them telling you to just quit, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Admitting your weaknesses in your career does not make you a failure. It means that you have seen a part of your career that needs improvement and you need insight from an outside source to help you improve. It’s always good to vent out your frustrations and get a different perspective from another person. It can help you feel less overwhelmed and a huge weight will be taken off your shoulders once you talk it out.


Watch Inspiring Videos Or Read Inspiring Content

Watching a movie or video, or even reading inspiring content about your music career may spark excitement within you to work again. Take the time to read or watch anything about aspiring artists that thrived in their music careers despite hardships. Or read success stories of people just like you who made it big due to persistence. Content like this is meant to inspire you to be great and strive to be greater. It’s supposed to show that anyone, regardless of skill or resources, can achieve their dreams, hopefully, to inspire you to do the same.


Think About How Life Would Be If You Did Quit

Thinking in terms of the future, if you did quit, it may give you insight on how much your career means to you.  Imagine life after your music career? Will you be happy doing another career? If so, how do you know?  Will you end up pursuing music as a career anyway later on? Will you always wonder “ What if I just kept going with my career? Would I have been successful?” Think about that carefully and the result may surprise you. You may find that after all the thoughts of quitting, you can’t picture yourself doing anything else.


There are many reasons for why an artist should quit making music, but not enough reasons to help keep their dream alive. A career in music is hard if you can’t figure out how to get it off the ground. However, it isn’t impossible. Sure things may be bad now, but what goes around comes around, whatever sadness you feel now, happiness will follow eventually. Keep making music and remember the feeling of self-doubt and thoughts about quitting are only temporary. What you should look forward to is the future, a bright future for you and your music career.

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