How to Play Music From Phone to Car Without AUX?

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One of the greatest benefits of connecting your smartphone device to your car is that you can play whatever music you would like to from your favorite music playing app.

Some of these older cars offer auxiliary cable (AUX) solutions, but smartphones are increasingly cutting off their support of AUX connectivity. This can be a real issue if an AUX cable is your primary means of listening to music coming from your phone’s music app.

If you are without a working AUX cable under these circumstances, then it will be practically impossible to listen to the music you have stored on your favorite music app.

The following list provides some solutions to your car stereo music playing needs that involve connecting your mobile device to your car without an AUX cable.

FM Transmitters

The vast majority of modern cars have both a cigarette lighter which functions as a power socket and as an FM radio. These two car features can be integrated and used as an FM transmitter to play your preferred music without AUX cables. An FM transmitter is an effective choice because it is easy to install and is generally inexpensive to purchase.

FM Transmitter Setup

The initial setup for these FM transmitters will vary, as the devices are not all configured the same way. Here are some general setup procedures, as provided by MakeUseOf:

• Connect your FM transmitter into an available power socket.

• Connect the FM transmitter to your smartphone through Bluetooth. If you need further instructions on this step, see the subsection, “Bluetooth Setup,” below.

• Once the FM transmitter is connected to your phone through Bluetooth, set the transmitter to an FM station that is not being used in your area.

• You should be able to play music choices on your smartphone through your car’s stereo speakers.

Bluetooth Audio

Newer cars come with Bluetooth functionality built-in. In just a few simple steps, you can connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth of the car, quickly enabling you to play music from Spotify, Apple Music or whatever music app you like. If your car comes installed with a head unit or another type of display, it is possible that you can see the current song’s information and even control the media from the car’s display.

A distinct advantage of Bluetooth Audio is that after the initial pairing is complete, your smartphone automatically connects to your car when the device is within proximity. This makes Bluetooth audio a great alternative for playing music when an AUX cable is a useless solution for your vehicle and/or your smartphone.

Bluetooth Setup

Many sites can inform you of how to properly set up your Bluetooth connection. The following instructions are suggested by wikiHow:

  • Confirm that your car stereo supports Bluetooth. Check the owner’s manual to ensure that your display or head unit can support Bluetooth functionality as well. Oftentimes, you can see the Bluetooth logo somewhere on the stereo, which shows that the stereo does support Bluetooth.
  • Enter Bluetooth Pairing Mode on the sound system. This can be found through the car’s menu buttons. You can check your manual for the car stereo if you are not sure how to enable Bluetooth in your car.
  • Start Bluetooth on your smartphone. This can be done by toggling Bluetooth on in the “Bluetooth” section of your phone’s Settings app. Alternatively, you can swipe up from the bottom (on an iPhone) or swipe down from the top (on an Android) and tap on the Bluetooth icon to switch it on.
  • From your smartphone, pick the car stereo out of the Bluetooth selections listed. It should show up as an available Bluetooth device as long as it remains in pairing mode. It may show up as the name of the car’s stereo, or it may show up as “CAR MODEL_MEDIA.”
  • The next step is entering the Bluetooth passcode on the smartphone, if necessary. The passcode should be displayed on the car stereo’s display or the car’s head unit during this connection period. Once you see this passcode, you should enter it into your smartphone, and the connection process should be completed.
  • You should now be able to play your preferred music through your car’s stereo. This should be as simple as opening your music app and playing your songs, which will come through your stereo instead of through your phone.

USB Input

Many newer cars come with USB ports in-built. This enables drivers and passengers to charge their devices without using a power socket adaptor. Roadshow notes that people can even use a USB flash drive to play music with these cars. These USB ports also allow you to plug your phone in and play music. For many people, a USB connection between your mobile device and your vehicle is the best option. That is because you can simultaneously charge your device, play clear and reliable music audio and make calls hands-free.

Many of the newest cars are also equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both of which require a USB input. These apps integrate numerous features between your mobile device and your car, such as music, messaging, calls, navigation and other features.

USB Setup

  • Determine if the car stereo supports smartphone connectivity using the owner’s manual.
  • Plug in your USB cable to your smartphone and the USB port on the car stereo.
  • Switch your car stereo to its USB mode through navigating through your car’s menu buttons. Some cars do this automatically once the phone is connected to it.
  • You should now be able to connect your mobile device’s music app to your car stereo or through its infotainment center if it supports the new Apple CarPlay or Android Auto feature.

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