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Having a career in music and making money from your music career can be hard if you’re doing it all on your own. Many emerging artists depend on promoting themselves and their music through the internet but struggle when it comes to earning income for their music careers.  When you’re an emerging artist, making money for your music career is essential in order to help you fund your music career. The money can go to equipment, tours, trips, promotional materials, collateral, or any other expenses that are essential to your success as a successful artist. For the money, most artists depend on music sales in order to get by. While that is a great start, what many artists don’t know is that there are many ways to make extra money for their music career. All of which are music related and guarantee to add additional financial support for any upcoming artists career.  Below are different ideas you can apply to your music career that will hopefully help build more financial stability and support for your career.


Digital Music Sales

As mentioned above, music sales are the most popular and commonly known way to gain income for your music career. Many artists turn to selling either separate tracks or albums of their music on popular music selling sites. When an artist sells separate music tracks, they are usually individually priced and are a lot less expensive than buying full albums. Selling separate tracks also enables the listener to buy their favorite music from a certain album.

A lot of artists sell their music as albums, usually sold as EP’s or LP’s. EP’s are short albums with only consist about 25 minutes of music play. Most EP’s usually have 3-5 songs and usually, showcases the best of what the artist has to offer. EP’s are also used as promotional collateral to help introduce and artist’s LP. LP’s are full albums with more than 25 minutes of listening pleasure. Containing more songs then an EP would. You get every single piece of music an album has to offer when you buy an LP.

Selling single tracks, EP’s , and LP’s are popular sold by artists digitally, through different online outlets, but can be sold as physical copies as well.

Physical Music Sales (Physical Albums)

Creating physical albums are another way an artist can go about selling their music. Some artists even give them out for free as collateral to help spread the word about their music. Selling physical albums are perfect to sell at events and public shows. Enabling different chances of financial gain in public. Not only can you sell physical albums of your music in public, but you can also sell them online as an alternative from buying a digital copy.

You can make physical albums of your music with the help of disc manufacturers like

Selling Digital Vs Physical.

Many music lovers have different preferences when it comes to buying music from the artist they love. Some love the feeling of holding a physical album in their hands while others love the idea of buying music they can instantly play through their mp3 devices or phones. You can sell either digital or physical albums or both if you want to cater to different music buyers.

Shows And Live Performances.

Some places pay their artist(s) to perform at live private or public events. Some have a fixed price to pay their artists, while other places pay artists by the hour. Meaning they pay per hour they perform in their venues. Gigs that pay artists are out there, but for an artist starting out, finding paid gigs can be hard to come by. Start with gigs at smaller venues for smaller events and work your way up. The income from those performances will raise in time, with the more places you perform at.


Merchandise sales

Another way for an artist to make money is to create merchandise for their music career. There are many merchandise products artists can choose to create and sell. The most popular piece of merchandise most artist sell is clothing or posters. The design of these products usually contains the cover of their album, lyrics from their most popular songs,their name or logo. It used to cost a lot of money for an artist to create their own merchandise, but nowadays, with the help of different custom drop shipping companies, the cost of making products are literally cut in half. Companies like allows you to create merchandise for your music career without any upfront cost from you. They create mockups of the merchandise you want to create, which you can use on your website or online store. Once someone places an order, some of the cost of that order will go back to the site for them to make and ship your product to your buyer.



Some artists like to talk about their careers in a way that builds engagement with their listeners. If you want to get people involved with the journey of your career, starting a blog about your music career might be for you. Not only is it fun, but you can earn money from doing it too. You can run ads on your blog and sell your products on it as well. However, there is a way for artists to make money blogging that most don’t consider doing, which is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products for a company, and if someone buys that product, you get a small commission from it. Music artists can take advantage of this by talking about the different equipment they use, and sharing it with other music artists on their blog. The potential to earn with this method is huge and artists can profit a lot from affiliate marketing. It’s also a great way for artists to go in depth about what they do, and what equipment they use.


There may be an aspiring artist out there that could learn from your experience and wisdom. If this is something that interest you, then teaching online courses about having a career in music may be for you. Teaching online courses on music can be a lucrative way of earning income while giving you the opportunity to help other aspiring musicians. It’s rewarding and a great way to earn extra money for your music career. You get the opportunity to earn money from sharing what you know, and your students get to learn at a pace they’re comfortable in. You can create online courses using sites like or

If you’re an emerging artist just starting out and want to make money from your career. The methods mentioned above are sure to help you with that. It’s not easy for an emerging artist to create their own stream of income when they’re first starting out. In the beginning, it may seem like you have to have more than one ways of receiving income, which could be hard to balance out. To some, it may even cause periods of burnout and frustration. However, over time it gets easier. You’ll get creative with the different ways you can make money with your music career, while you start building a name for yourself in the music industry.

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