How To Grow Your Spotify Presence

Grow Spotify Presence

You have your music on Spotify, but your numbers are not what you think they should be.

You are not getting much traffic or you do not have many people following you.

If this is the case, you need to understand a few things.




Followers are the number of people who follow your Spotify account.

You should not be fooled by this as followers do not automatically become streams or listens. There are a lot of people who follow accounts and then forget about them.

However, when casual viewers see a large following, it can make them believe that you are very popular. This is simply a way that the human brain works.

When you have a high follower count, your Spotify analytics will also increase.

This means that you will appear more popular and will be presented to more people to listen to. This is why you need to keep this number as high as possible.

You can buy Spotify plays to boost your presence when you are starting out.



This is the number of times your song is placed in a day.

You do not want this number to be a lot larger than the number of listens.

This is due to a single person being able to stream your song multiple times a day and only pay you for a single listen.

No matter how many times the song is streamed, you will only be paid once.

While this is the case, the streams are a good indicator of how many times your song has been played in a day.



This is the number of unique times your music has been played.

This stat is one of the most important on Spotify. You need to focus on this above all else because it reflects the amount you are going to be paid.

Of course, you will not be paid much per listen, but if you have enough songs, this will add up.



This is another important point to look at. If you are a very popular artist, people will find you by looking for your name. However, most people are not going to search for you.

When you start out on Spotify and no-one knows who you are it will be a random chance that you are displayed for other users.

This is why you want to be on as many playlists as possible.

Before you look at this further, you need to know the four categories of playlists.

The categories are related to the content and the number of follows the playlist has.

The first is high content and low followers which are playlists that hundreds of songs, but very few followers. These are the worst playlists to get on as you are not likely to be heard.

Embedded playlists will also show the first 100 songs and if you are lower on the list, there is a good chance you will not be heard. Of course, being on these lists does not hurt, but you should not bet on them.

The second is high content and high followers which are a better playlist to be one.

These lists are built in a way that people have to join in order to add songs to them.


Over time, the number of followers will grow and people generally do not stop following them. These playlists will usually have hundreds of songs on them, but you will have a better chance of being heard as people are more likely to listen to the songs on the list.

However, you could find that your listening stats decay over time as people tire of hearing the same songs.

The next playlists are low content and low followers which might seem like a bad place.

However, this will depend on how active the playlist is.

If the playlist is old and has few songs, you are unlikely to get much traffic from it because no one is trying to grow this.

If the playlist is new and has very few people, you have a better chance of being placed high on the list. When this happens, you will be high up and your song will be viewed and viewed and played by a lot of people. These playlists have a lot of potential.

The last type of playlist is low content and high follower which are the best playlists to get on.

However, you need to know that there are 2 types of these playlists.

One of these types of playlists is better to land on than others, but they each have their benefits that you need to know about.

The first is where the creator is very picky about the songs they add.

They will have a lot of followers because people understand the quality of the playlist.

When you get on these lists, you could get a lot of traffic because your music is considered to be of high quality based on the curator. This is the ideal playlist to have your music on as you will probably not be removed and can enjoy good stats for years.

The second type is not as desirable.

These lists will have songs from the last month and will be changed each month.

While the playlist has many followers, they are interested in the shifting songs.

When you are on the playlist, you will get a lot of attention, but this will drop once you are removed. These playlists give you good exposure and people have a chance to see who you are and listen to your songs which could land you on more permanent lists.

These are the ideal playlists for people who are starting out on Spotify.

Of course, you could always curate your own playlist.

This will help people find your account and you can choose the songs you wish to feature.

You will need to be careful when doing this and curate your playlist in the best possible way.

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