How To Get Your Music Featured On Music Blogs And Websites


Great exposure is out there for your music, all you have to do is reach out to right places that will promote your music in front of the right people. Many artists start by promoting their music on social media, video sharing, and music sharing websites. But what if you’re already doing that and want to gain more exposure for the music you create? A great way to gain more exposure and recognition for your music is to get featured on a Music blog or website that promotes music from talented artists such as yourself.

Most blogs and music related websites have built their own audience and following who want to hear and learn about new music. Putting yourself in front of their audience can help get your music more known to people who never heard of you before. However, not every blog or website you email will give you a chance to get your music featured. You can even potentially ruin your chances of getting featured on a certain blog or magazine depending on what you say. Saying the wrong thing, and not presenting yourself correctly can potentially lead you to lose opportunities to get your work featured.

In some cases, a music blog or website may come to you with opportunities to be featured on their site. However, those opportunities can be missed if you make it hard for them to get in touch with you. Or if they never come in contact with your music at all. Figuring out how to get noticed by these sites can be overwhelming. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry, this post is meant to lead you in the right direction when it comes to reaching out to different music blogs and websites.

Reaching Out To Different Music Blogs And Websites

Make Sure You Read Submission Instructions For The Different Websites And Blogs You Want Your Music To Be Featured In.

Some sites have specific requirements for feature request from a new artist. Some may want to see a link to where they can listen to your music. Some blog or websites may require you to tell them about yourself and your music. While some may want you to fill out a form rather than email them directly. It all depends on the website’s or blog’s need but you must follow their instructions. Not doing so may lead to them ignoring your request because you didn’t follow instructions.

When Sending An Email, Talk About Your Interest In Their Blog Or Website First.

In the first sentence of your email, you should state what you like about the blog or website you want to be featured on. This shows them that you’re genuinely interested in their content and that you’re familiar with their site. This also shows them that you took the time to create an email that is tailored to their site. Rather them sending them a pre-written email that you plan on sending to other music bloggers and website owners.You want to show them that you took the time to craft this email and that you’re genuinely interested in being featured.

For ideas of what you can write about, you can mention how long you been reading their site, or what artists you’ve discovered because of their site. You can even mention what content you liked the most from their site. It could be an interview with another artist or a review of an album. Whatever it is that you like about the site, mention it. Do this in under 1-2 sentences in the beginning of your email.

Quick Tip: Don’t over flatter the blog with compliments about their site. This can do you more harm than good. You want to sound natural in your email, so keep the compliments at a minimum of 1-2 sentences.

After You Mentioned Your Interest In Their Site, Asked If They Can Consider You And Your Music To Be Featured On Their Site.

In a sentence, ask if they can feature your music on their website. This should be straightforward and said in a kind and humble manner. To go along with this request, you have to share a little bit about yourself and your music so the editor or content manager of the site can get to know you and see if and your music is a good fit their site.

For ideas on what to say about yourself, you can tell them how long you been a musician for and what genre of music you create. You can also mention if you have any albums or EP’s out, or who or what your influences when it comes to making music. Highlight the best parts about you that you feel will give you an edge when it comes to being featured.

Quick Tip: When talking about yourself, keep it at a minimum of 1-3 sentences long. You don’t want to talk about yourself for too long, otherwise, the email will be too lengthy for anyone to read. Mention only the details you feel like they should know about you or your music.

Offer Them A Website Link or A Link To Your Music For Them To Listen to.

Of course, they would want to hear your music so make sure there is a link to where they can go to listen to it. It’s also a good idea to offer them 3 links to where they can hear your music, just in case one of the links stop work.This information should be at the very end of your email.

Thank Them, Give Them Your Contact Info, And Send The Email.

After you have included all the information above, thank them for reading, tell them you look forward to hearing from them and let them know when you’re available to contact. Letting them know when you’re free to talk will make them feel more comfortable getting back to you. It shows that you’re easy to get a hold of and ready to talk about future opportunities.

Once you send them your email, wait for them to reply. Some places may not get back to you right away. Music blogs and websites are usually busy creating new music-related content for their site or talking to other artists. Wait a few days, while at the same time, email more websites and blogs in the process. If you don’t hear from them you can always send a follow-up email asking if they got your email, or if they are still looking to feature artists on their site.

How To Get Music Blogs And Websites Come To You For Feature Opportunities.

You don’t always have to reach out to bloggers all the time to get a featured on their site. The best part is when they come to you! It may not happen right away, but with enough online exposure for your music online, they may be just around the corner.

Make Yourself Apparent To Them

In order to put yourself in front of different music blogs and websites, you must figure out where they spend the most time at online. Once you do that, follow them, comment on their content, and most importantly share their content. Just make sure you make yourself apparent enough to them by doing the actions stated above. They will appreciate the support and may take a look at your profile to get to know more about you.

Build An Online Presence For Your Music

You never know where people will find you online, and sometimes, those people come with opportunities their willing to give to someone. Build an online presence for your music to make you and your music more known online. The more places you’re at the more chances of people finding you.

Make Yourself Easy To Get In touch With

If you’re too hard to get in touch with, music bloggers and music websites may cause them to leave your site or social media account. You have to make sure you’re easy to get in contact. So make sure you have a contact page on your website, or mention how people can contact you through social media.

The information above should lead you one step closer to getting featured on a music blog or website. There are many music blogs and music-related website waiting to feature music artist like you on their site. So it’s important to be prepared to reach out to these bloggers and website owners, and learn how they can approach you for opportunities. Getting your music featured on a music related site can really help put your name out there online, so we hope nothing but the best for you when doing so.

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