How to Define Success in Your Music Career


Before starting your music career, you must figure out how you define success.  When it comes to your music career, knowing what success means to you will keep you focused on your goals and keep you motivated. It will also improve your mental state by decreasing the chances of you comparing yourself to other artists. Why? Because people have different values and definitions to when it comes to success. You may even find out the different aspects of your career you love and hate. Helping you figure out what to continue doing to help fuel your passions while helping you eliminate certain aspects that you dislike doing. What you consider as a success will differ differently from another artist. This article will help you figure out what you define as a success to give you a clear vision of where you want to take your career.


When You Think Of Success Do You Think Of Money?

Maybe when you think of success the vision of you making money comes to mind. When it comes to this be warned. Often when people pursue their passion for the sake of money, they often feel burnt out very quickly. That is because they expect financial results too quickly than expected. It can also cause you to not love your career choices anymore if the amount of money you earn doesn’t match your expectations. When you’re starting out you should try to have multiple ways to earn money from your music. To inspire you further look at this list of different ways to make money with your music career. Also, try to prevent burn out within your career as much as possible.


Does Success Equal Fame To You?

Maybe your success isn’t defined by the money you make but the people you touch and inspire with your music. Maybe you just want people to know your name, offer you opportunities and a spread the word about your music like wildfire.  Like success, fame is defined in different ways. Maybe you just want to be famous in your community or maybe you want to be world renown famous. If success to you means fame, your first step is to figure out how to increase your outreach as a musician to the masses. Do you want to spread the word about your music through sites like Youtube? Or do you prefer to get your name out there by contacting bloggers and magazines to feature you? Or do you want to perform in different public and online events? When it comes to fame, it’s all about outreach and spreading the word about your music. Taking courses or learning the best practices for social media is a great stepping stone to help promote your music and your music career.


Does Success To You Mean Preforming In Front Of Millions?

Some artists love to perform in front of people who will enjoy their music. The feeling of people appreciating your music is the best experience you can possibly have. In fact, you would even do it for free just as long as people are listening. If this sounds like you, then focusing your efforts on preforming on shows and gigs is the best option for you. This will require a lot of traveling and a lot of networking, and is perfect for anyone who is social. If this is your definition of success, start by looking at local places or events looking for artists to book. Do this as often as possible and travel outside of your city for more opportunities. There is no doubt that this is where your happiness lays.


Does Success To You Mean Having Listeners Around The World?

Maybe you’re too shy to perform in front of different people but find comfort in performing from the comfort of your home? Maybe you want to attract people to your music by posting your songs on different music sites like SoundCloud or Bandcamp? If this is your definition of success focus on making new music and promoting your music on as many places online as possible. You probably like to see your follower counts, views and listeners increase but don’t obsess over the statistics or metrics. This will grow over time but if you put too attention on the growth stats of your music, it might lead to burnout.  Focus on making great music and learn how to promote your music the best way possible


Do You Define Success By The Number Of People You Educate With Your Music?

Maybe you find joy in educating others who have similar aspirations to you. Maybe you enjoy giving advice to young aspiring artists who want to make their passion into a lucrative career.  If you like to educate others when it comes to music careers and music maybe teaching is the path you want to take to achieve success. There are many online outlets you can use to start teaching on. You can use sites like Udemy or Teachable and take on students who are at different points in their careers.


Success means something different to everyone.  Regardless of what you define as success, what’s important is that it makes you happy and only increases your love for music even more. You have to remember that your success is different from another person, and your methods of achieving your goals will be different as well. It’s important you know what your goals and what success means to you in order to get the most out of your career.

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