Echos are a duo from Portland that has only one album behind them, and is already attracting the ear of the audience. The first thing that gets to you in “Gold” are the ringing guitars that create a melancholic atmosphere, followed by the slightly inflicted vocals that sound intriguing and very emotional, as same as the lyrics do. What makes it specific is also the male back up vocal that entwines together with the leading one in such a way that even though you hear the same words coming out, it sounds like they are talking to each other. There is a certain tension in the instrumentals, that is slowly released as the song explodes in a very orchestral and moving manner. “Gold” sounds very easy on the ear despite the fact that it holds some complexity added the electronic components to it.

If you are a fan of M83 or The XX, this might be the thing for you. At the very least, “Gold” is a dream portion of sound that can go well with your late night drive or walk.

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