Dímelo Feat. Tory Lanez by Snakehips

“Dímelo” is the product of the collaboration between Shakehips and Tory Lanez. Torry’s unique vocals perfectly match the hip-hop drops, creating a catchy tune that will get you hooked and singing along. The synths in the background give “Dímelo” a melodic boost, and make this minute and a half soundscape even more enjoyable and addictive. If you have heard Shakehips before, it won’t take you long to notice that this cut is definitely different from most of their work, but nevertheless, it still sounds amazing. Very clean and simple, yet tough and pleasant, it grows into your tastebuds and puts you in a gritty mood. The duo’s team up with Lanez definitely got all of them off their usual tracks of creation, and delivered something unique, skillfully combining the both sides of their creative vibes.

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