Crossfire Pt. II Feat. Talib Kweli x KillaGraham by Stephen

Stephen joins forces with Talib Kweli and KillaGraham, to create an absolutely killing tune. The original sound comes from Stephen’s previous cut titled “Crossfire”, which is a pop/RnB piece he released before he dropped his debut album. This time, the composure of broody buzzing bass, soulful vocals and great lyricism are enhanced by his collaborators in the revamp “Crossfire Pt. II”. Adding up a hip-hop portion and stronger beats, this combo of musicians manage to power up the original track, yet still keep its cinematic spirit. A catchy rythm flows through the powerful lyrics. “Crossfire Pt.II” reflects and delivers a strong message about society. As Stephen himself said: “This piece plays on current issues and modern ideology. It does not choose sides. It does not promote one specific movement. It does promote unity. It does promote love. Perhaps most importantly, it does promote peace.”

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