5 Promotional Strategies To Help Promote Your New Album

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You just finished your new album you’ve been working and you’re now ready to promote it and market it to the world. You want to build the most engagement possible towards your album to ensure it’s success. The problem, however, is that you don’t have a clear plan or strategy on how to do that. This is the struggle of most independent artists who are seconds away from releasing their albums. Many release their new albums but receive little to no engagement with it.

Coming up with a strategy to promote your album can get overwhelming, but to take the guesswork out of this process, here are 5 Promotional strategies to help promote your new album.

1.Plan an Album Release Party

Planning an album release party can be time-consuming, but is a rewarding and engaging event that will help promote your album to your local audience. It gives you a chance to meet and greet your fans while giving you a chance to promote your music. It also gives you a chance to make new fans in your area. It’s an entertaining, interactive and exciting way to launch your album.

Planning your album release party can take months to plan. To have your event you will need to acquire a venue in which the party will take place in. The event can take place anywhere, you could rent out a venue, or you could even throw the party in your own home. You also need to plan out certain events and activities that will happen at the party in an organized schedule. On top of that, you need to think of additional offers, aside from the album, to give to your attendees. An album release party is a special event, so giving something to go along any purchases of your album make sense to have. This could include additional merchandise such as clothing,posters, or accessories.

Make sure you plan out your event and let people know a month in advance about your party. This will give people enough time to clear their schedule to make sure they can attend your big party!

2.Reach Out To Bloggers,Online Radio Stations Or Media Outlets.

Reach out to various music bloggers and media outlets to help promote your upcoming album! There are many of these media outlets looking for new music to promote, and would love to hear from you.Reaching out to bloggers, radio stations, or media outlets gives you a chance expose your new album amongst their audiences. Keep in mind that some places may require additional instructions before considering new artists to feature on their sites. Make sure you read all the necessary instructions before pitching the release of your new album.

Some bloggers, radio stations or media outlets would want the first glimpse of your album before anyone else. This provides more of an incentive for their listeners to flock over to your feature. Don’t give them your whole album for free to listen to, remember, you’re giving them a small glimpse of your album NOT the whole thing. Offer them a song to play on your feature from your album. This will allow new listeners a chance to become exposed to your album while giving the media outlet engaging content to feature on their site.

3. Have An Online Live Show Or Concert

A unique way to help promote your new album is to host a live concert or online show. You can do this in many ways, but a popular way to host one of these shows is to use platforms like Google Hangouts, Facebook Live or Periscope. These are platforms that allow you to broadcast live in front of millions of spectators.

Since this is a live show or concert, you are bound to get a wave of comments from listeners. With this, you can address their comments in the middle of your show to answer questions, or take possible song requests for covers.

In your live shows, you should promote your new album at the beginning of the show, in the middle, and the end of your show.

4.Host A Giveaway For Your New Album

Giveaways are a fun way to create buzz around a new product or service or in this case your new album. Upon releasing your new album, you can host a giveaway for a lucky fan to receive a copy of your album for free! Not only is this an effective promotional strategy, it’s also an effective way to build your following on your social media accounts.

The best type of giveaway you can host for your new album is a raffle style giveaway. This way, it gives people multiple chances to win your new album, while giving everyone a fair chance to win.

Make sure to run your giveaway for about a week before releasing your new album. This way it gives people a good amount of time to enter while allowing you to build hype towards your album in the process.

5. Build Popularity Around A Single In Your Album

Months before you release your new album, you should try to build popularity around a single track on your album. This will draw attention to your music, which will eventually draw attention to your upcoming album. To help figure out which track to build popularity towards, you can pick from three of you best tracks and promote them on music sharing sites for people to listen to. The track with the most plays or engagement should be the track you should keep promoting/bringing attention to. You could mention this track on your social media, offer the song to different media outlets to feature,  or offer the track to video influencers to use for their videos. You can also try to get this track featured on various radio stations or popular music media outlets.

Try to build popularity amongst 1-2 tracks from your album, before the release of your new album. These tracks will act as a small glimpse of what your album has to offer.

BONUS: 6 Offer One Of Tracks From Your Album, To Top Video Influencers To Play In Their Videos.

Many people are creating videos on popular sites like Youtube but have trouble finding music to play in their videos. With this in mind, a promotional strategy you can use for your album is to reach out to these vloggers or video creators to play one of your songs in their videos. This will make the music selection process of their videos much easier while giving you the chance to get your music exposed to their audiences.

If they decide to feature your music, make sure they mention your music in their video and the video description.

Remember, all of the promotional methods mentioned above deserve your full attention and your full effort in order for your album release to be successful. These all involve careful planning which could take weeks or months to do. The months before your album release are important and require your full attention. Take all the strategies mentioned above and plan carefully and accordingly upon release.

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